Monday, April 7, 2008

I went to today.

And I found a way to synch my microwave by Samsung, and my refrigerator and dishwasher, both by GE, to my iTunes. Not only can I now shuffle between the three devices (I can literally wash a load of dishes in 2:30 using my microwave's popcorn setting) I can listen to music while doing so.

I didn't find this on but I also found a way to hook up my golden retriever, Flipper, to my iPod. The only thing is my iPod is stuck on shuffle and when I'm walking her she keeps shape-shifting. At the corner she was a golden, by the time I got to the first fire hydrant she was a chihuahua and then by the time I got about twenty years down the block, she had turned into an Irish wolfhound.

The other thing is, I can't transfer her bark to any other dog, even though I already paid for it.


Unknown said...

referring to your other blog with an Apple logo I can confirm that I felt a rise of creativity the second I was exposed to it this morning. However, I was also exposed to 278 other images, all of which had the reversed effect.
it will take me two hours, 18 minutes and 12 seconds of constant exposure to a positively charged symbol to get in balance again.

Moda di Magno said...

George, I'm becoming worried about you.

george tannenbaum said...