Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thank you, Ronald Reagan.

Thanks to Ronald Reagan and the host of e-coli conservatives he inspired (an e-coli conservative is a person who thinks Washington DC is so inherently pernicious that e-coli in the food supply is preferable to having any government at all) the United States is fast becoming a third-world country. That is, a third world country that spends more on defense than the rest of the world combined.

Since Reagan eviscerated the FAA and the regulation or airlines, we have lost our airline industry. Recently it was revealed Southwest Airlines bribed inspectors and flew dangerous 737s. Today American Airlines cancelled over 1000 of its 2300 scheduled flights, in part because they have failed to properly maintain and inspect their air craft.

Rome became a world empire largely based on the modernity of their roads. In the 19th Century the US surpassed the UK as an economic force in part because we built more railroads. That is, transportation—moving people, good and services is vital to a nation’s prosperity and well-being.

Today we have few if any viable US carriers, bridges are collapsing, roads are over-used, and we have no plan for renewable fuel.

See you on the bread-line.

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Unknown said...

infrastructure is everything. and it's so totally under maintained it's scary. partly because like a workday, most work on the infrastructure is fake and takes 50 times longer than it should.
because the whole industry is infected by crime.
that's how rome fell too.
when the moral fell everything else crumbled.
when all minds become corrupted an crooked the end is nigh...