Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ray Charles, Take 7.

This is about advertising and Ray Charles.

I've always been a big Ray Charles fan. This morning, walking to work my iPod (which is cooler than yours, btw. It's signed by Bono's landscaper) my iPod shuffled over to a track from "Pure Genius: The Complete Atlantic Recordings." The track was (Night Time ) Is The Right Time Takes 1-7."

This is Mr. Charles working with his orchestra, his chorus and his producer to get it "perfect." In one take he jibes with his producer for "goofing." In another he rags himself for goofing up. In another he instructs the chorus on a little vocal lilt he's looking for.

The point of all this is simple.

As a creative, know what you want. Tell your talent what you want. Get what you want. In 7 takes or less (because if you know what you want you should get in 7 takes or less.) Then go home.

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