Monday, April 21, 2008

I want your money. (That's what I want.)

Here is a list of the last year's top 10 advertisers.
The truth is, except for the fake ones done solely for the awards shows,
I can't recall a single commercial done by any of these companies
that I actually like.

I can recall a lot of Verizon commercials I despise. Likewise with Ford and GM, especially the Cadillac work about a car turning me on. Time Warner I assume are
spots about triple-play bundles and a beeping bird. AT&T spots I think I remember
as well-produced but banal and un-motivating and giving me information about bars
that I simply do not believe.

This chart represents more than $18 billion of spend.
That's $60 for every person in America or $3 for every person on Earth.
All for work that does little to persuade or change behavior.
Think of all the telco commercials you've viewed this year
all to stay with the carrier you hate.

For no apparent reason the picture here is what comes up when you do a
Google image search for Mammon.

January 2007 - December 2007
Rank Parent Company Total Ad Dollars Spent
1 PROCTER & GAMBLE CO $3,728,279,492
2 AT&T INC $2,150,742,501
3 GENERAL MOTORS CORP $2,028,368,104
4 FORD MOTOR CO $1,760,594,254
6 TIME WARNER INC $1,467,420,737
8 JOHNSON & JOHNSON $1,290,803,595
9 TOYOTA MOTOR CORP $1,255,439,326
10 WALT DISNEY CO $1,191,120,322

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Unknown said...

At an ad seminar for advertising folks on the client side some years ago, a guy showed two batches of TV commercials, and then had the participants vote which batch they liked more.
One batch was the typical high on production values low on ideas and originality car, telco and detergent type of spots.
The other batch were award winning, original, funny, engaging stuff. much of what hadn't even run.
red or green cards flashed.
The latter batch won by a comfortable margin of about 10 to 1.
That was when the presenter got to his point: "Okay, so most of you like the more creative, and original spots better than the other ones. So why the heck do you all buy that shit. You're responsible for it. You sign off on work you obviously don't like. Do you really think the consumers like your spots more?"