Monday, February 9, 2009

The last "ding" of doom.

The word I hear these days with vomitous frequency is "dinged." Oh, the client "dinged" us because we were late with the presentation. Or, I got "dinged" because my boss didn't like the copy. Or the CEO is on a rampage, you'd better do your timesheets or you'll get dinged.


This is the lowest form or pusillanimity. For Crissakes have the honesty to say your client's an ass for getting pissed your work is late. Or that you screwed up by not showing something to your boss or whatever.

Using the word "ding" is like an airline saying there's a "delay" when you sit on the runway for three hours. No, there's a major fuck-up. Ding is namby-pamby dangerous gentility.

I can't imagine a headline in a newspaper saying "6,000,000 Jews, Gypsies and Homosexuals Dinged by Nazis in Massive Network of Ding-Camps." "Car Bomb Dings 37 in Baghdad Mosque." "Katrina Dings New Orleans. 250,000 Evacuated."

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