Friday, February 20, 2009

Un-jading myself.

As the world seems to collapse around us, as the Times writes about long lines at soup kitchens, as the stock market tumbles, it's not hard to become even more jaded than 30 years in the advertising industry would ordinarily render you.

So about a month ago I went to and ordered a book by Clive Challis called "Helmut Krone. The Book." (It's not currently available in the US.)

Because it's focused on one man's work, you get to see more than just Krone's opus. You get to see the workings of a mind that says every day and in every way, "I will not compromise."

Even in the best job there are a good number of days where you job sucks. If you're afflicted with even mild levels of neuroses, there are probably also a good number of days when you feel as if you've run out of ideas, or you're not cutting it on some level.

These are the feelings that we all have to fight through at one time or another. Order this book and you'll have a giant fighting alongside you.

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