Sunday, February 1, 2009

XXV years of Super Bowl commercials.

The New York Times has a feature today of some of the top Super Bowl commercials of the last 25 years. They also have data--ads by category, what percentage feature celebrities, animals and animal celebrities.

You can view it here.

Unfortunately, my big Super Bowl spot came early in my career, back in 1983--a more innocent time. The jingle I wrote for a fast-food chain called Mr. Veal Chop went something like this:

"Grab a satchel of veal-chops,
They're so nice and lean,
Mr. Veal Chop's got 'em,
Oh, you know what I mean.

Have a bucket of brussel sprouts,
They're the perfect side-dish,
Only at Mr. Veal Chop,
Scratch your gourmet itch!

Mr. Veal Chop is open,
Twenty-four and seven,
Mr. Veal Chop's veal chop,
They're a small chop of heaven."


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theschwartex said...

1983 and you were already using the phrase "twenty-four [and] seven"? You, Mr. Tannenbaum were and always will be a true visionary.