Thursday, November 22, 2007

400 years ago or so...

The Pilgrims alighted upon these shores and headed right to Kohl's for their post-Thanksgiving sale which starts tomorrow at 4AM. After an hour at Kohl's Miles Standish and the rest of the gang headed over to Macy's (which opened at 5AM) to buy a plastic Christmas tree.

Then when they got home from the 2-day Saleabration at Target, Mama Standish made a turkey sandwich and choked on a bite the size of a pack of cigarettes. Finally, the Patriots kicked the beejesus out of the Redskins in ye Olde American Football.

There's nothing like the crassest, grossest commercialism to take all of the solemnity out of a holiday. At least this year, Bush and Cheney, the great Chicken Hawks of Mass Destruction, have the decency not to fubar up our troops' Thanksgiving in Iraq, forcing them to eat turkey "dinner" at 6AM so it hits prime time news.


Tore Claesson said...

it's crazy how you get pulled into it all.

Laura said...

This year our "leaders" only called the troops in Iraq. And fortunately they stayed out of the news-- and probably out of those 4AM sales.