Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A game we can all play.

Take the person in your office with the oddest name and make a pharma commercial out of them. As in:

MAN: Heartburn was really burning up my life.
WOMAN: He couldn't eat. He couldn't sleep.
MAN: I couldn't play with my grandkids.
Then I asked my doctor about benezirbhutto.

MAN: He said it could help reduce heartburn caused by
acid reflux.

VO: Benezirbhutto should not be taken by people with
all four limbs, hair growing out of their ears,
lefthanders or people who use vowels. Serious side
effects may include death, heart failure, laughing
at Frank TV and voting Republican.

MAN: Ask your doctor if benezirbhutto is right for you.

VO: Benezirbhutto. Take back your life.

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