Friday, November 23, 2007

If I see one more...

If I see one more ad with a snowflake motif or a product that has a red ribbon on it, or some insipid jingle-ly music track, I think I might plotz.

Is there an Marketing Manager out there who thinks the American public does not know that in one month we celebrate the birth of Chris Mass, the inventor of revolving credit? Is this what we hear in fuck-us groups, that Lexi (the proper Latinate plural of Lexus) will sell better with ribbons on their roofs, as will Verizon cell phones and everything that Circuit City sells.

Ho ho ho, Santa and the elves are working overtime this year to bring you the flat screen TV you've been wanting. Oh, wait! This is the ironic post-Seinfeld era...let's wink wink nudge nudge talk about re-gifting! Ho ho ho. I have an idea! Let's do a spot with Mrs. Claus! And reindeer that never shit on your roof.


Tore Claesson said...

In true spirit.

Tore Claesson said...

i was wondering, what's the decline of other frivolities?