Thursday, July 10, 2008

The tyranny of meetings.

Diatribes against Microsoft are not uncommon. We've all railed against Powerpoint and the dumbing down it visits upon us. But I have a new one now. (Or at least a new one for me.)

This one is about the calendar feature of Microsoft Office. I've come to believe that because it's so easy to schedule meetings, we schedule meetings.

Think about it. When I started in the business, it was rare to have a meeting. I don't think this was a function of junior-hood. Even ten years ago, when I was a SVP, Group Creative Director, pre-Microsoft Office, we didn't have so many meetings. You'd call the people you need to get together with and say, "can you and Randy get together at four?" They'd say yes or no and so it goes.

Today like all other week-days, I come in the office to a print out MS Office calendar that has my day split into half hour increments, nearly all of them filled with something insipid.

What would happen if we eliminated these calendars?

I'll get back to you soon. I've got a meeting.

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