Thursday, October 30, 2008

This is a cola nut.

Oh, more than 35 years ago, Geoffrey Holder starred in a series of memorable commercials for the soft-drink 7-Up.

"These are a cola nuts," he would say, holding up small brown cola nuts. "These on the other hand, are un-cola nuts," Holder would say, holding a lime and a lemon. He continued. "...As you can see, they're a bit different from cola nuts." (You can watch the spot here:

It occurred to me tonight watching Obama's TV special that he is the un-cola. And he has, for nearly two years now, followed the un-cola strategy. Looks different. Is proud of his difference. Is different.

It's a strategy that in the long-run never really worked for 7-Up. We'll see how it does for the un-cola candidate.

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