Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh, the humanity.

A mellifluous co-worker just called my attention to the ad copy below and above.

There are many things that make me question the sanity of our species. Our evisceration of the environment. The way we periodically dabble in genocide. Ethnic and religious slaughter. Republicans.

And now this:

"Introducing the First Vibrating Power-Mascara by Lancome."

"New Oscillation. Vibrating. Infinite. Power-Mascara."

"Revolution: Vibrating power. For ultimate lash transformation.
Extends. Separates. Virtually multiplies."

Ôscillation (note the sombrero over the "O") Powermascara $34

And here's the kicker: the worst economic crisis in a couple decades and people are spending $34 on vibrating mascara.


Tore Claesson said...

it has many applications

Anonymous said...

The "First Vibrating Power-Mascara" is darn impressive stuff. But for my money it can't touch the Oral-B Triumph - the first toothbrush with an on-board computer.