Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You think you have it bad.

This morning I picked up and began reading Robin Robertson's new translation of Euripedes' "Medea."

Medea is over 2500 years old--it's pretty good stuff. And as bad as life in your agency gets, don't for a moment think you are living in the darkest or gloomiest of days.

Let's start with Medea's opening coda:
"Your name means 'healer,'" she said.
"Well, heal this,"
drawing back the red sheet and showing me
our two dead sons, full of wounds."

More on this later.
Just something to think about for now.

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Tore Claesson said...

hey, how can anything thousands of years old be relevant when we all now that being middle aged today is already irrelevant? Take our industry. If i did a spot or a print ad or a web page that had the look and feel and vibe of what it was like when I first started out I would be deemed as a person who hasn't developed and followed the times and therefore would be hopelessly out. However, if a twenty something did the same thing it would be called retro and it would be cool. Mind you, we're not talking a thousand year old stuff here.