Monday, February 15, 2010

Another advertising awards show.

Mr. and Mrs. Carrot were in New York, staying at the Waldorf, for yet another advertising awards show. It was raining and of course they were running late and there was a tussle in front of the grand hotel to find a cab. Mr. Carrot, impatient, leaned out into the street to hail a cab and was brutally run down by one instead.

He was knocked to the sidewalk and Mrs. Carrot was hysterical. In minutes an ambulance arrived and they began attending to Mr. Carrot.

"Will he live, will he live?" asked Mrs. Carrot.

Somberly the EMTs said to her, "He'll live. But he'll be a vegetable his whole life."


Graham Strong said...

I have a beef about this post, but I don't relish spending the time right now. Perhaps, when my mood is less fowl, I'll come back to ketchup.


Laura said...

Leaf us alone!