Friday, February 19, 2010

Some things don't change.

There are a lot of experts, bloviators, pundits and professional opinion-givers in the world. Many of them seem to migrate to our business. They have a point of view on "the new media landscape," on "new marketing paradigms," on "modalities and methodologies."

What they forget is that people are human. And that human reactions to a well-told story haven't really changed for millions of years and likely won't change for millions more. "The Odyssey," pretty much regardless of which version you read is every bit as good as "The 300," "The Wolfman," or any other rip-snorting tale.

Just now I came upon this sentence in The New York Times:

"The pseudonymous critic T-Square, writing about the building in 1927 in The New Yorker, commented that 'No matter what the modernists say — or do — there is no getting away from the fact that a Corinthian column is a swell thing.'"

I'm sure T-Square was reacting to all those back in 1927 who were declaring the end of architecture as we know it. (Just as many today declare the end of advertising as we know it.)

A good column is a good column. And a good story is a good story.

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