Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The tyrrany of language.

Hmmmm, how to do this delicately.

A friend has a client who decides they want to create an online quiz. Only the don't want to call it a quiz even though it is brief and features questions and answers. So, the call it an "app."

Then because a phrase like "using the app" would sound tedious, they insist on saying customers will "engage in the app experience."

So to avoid saying "take our online quiz." They instead say "engage in our app experience."

What those words allow this friend's client to do is take a boring offer and pretend to themselves that it's interesting. It's not a quiz, it's an app. It's not something you take, it's an experience.

1 comment:

wyatt said...

I want to engage in an online experience too! but if it turns out that its only a quiz... boy am I gonna be pissed.