Sunday, February 28, 2010

Courtesy of Bob and Ray.

Some advertising slogans by the great comedians.

* The Monongahela Metal Foundry ("Casting steel ingots with the housewife in mind")
* Einbinder Flypaper ("The brand you've gradually grown to trust over the course of three generations")
* The United States Post Office ("Makers and distributors of stamps")
* The Croftweiler Industrial Cartel ("Makers of all sorts of stuff, made out of everything")
* Cool Canadian Air ("Packed fresh every day in the Hudson Bay and shipped to your door")
* Grime ("The magic shortening that spreads like lard")
* The United States Mint ("One of the nation's leading producers of genuine U.S. currency")
* Fanucchi ("With or without nuts, the greatest name in fudge")
* Kretchford Braid and Tassel ("Next time you think of braid or tassel, rush into your neighborhood store and shout, 'Kretchford'!")

1 comment:

Kelly said...


ROFL. This actually made me think of a wonderful old upholsterer's in Philly where I used to go for my braid and tassels, until they retired and ran away to Florida.

I have to go shout "Kretchford" in my neighborhood store now.

Wait. I live in a megalopolis. I don't have a neighborhood store to shout in. Or a wonderful old upholsterer's, either.

Damn. Now I gotta move to Canada.