Friday, June 3, 2011

The world isn't hip.

In the universe of advertising blogs, there are those that cover the ins and outs of the agency business. Who's gotten fucked. Who's laying off. And what agency is winning which account.

The biggest news of late is in that last category and involves McGarry Bowen winning, in the span of about ten days, both Sears and Burger King.

The pusillanimous (usually anonymous) pundits commenting on such news excoriate McGarry Bowen. They're sure McGarry's work will be family-focused and bland. It won't be new and cutting edge. It will be mainstream and middle-American.

Well, guess what. Most people are mainstream. They don't want an ironic hamburger. They like to see people smile and they like the warm, emotional and heartfelt.

I am not advocating blandness by any means, that's not my point. But what is my issue is that the Williamsburg-Lower East Side "Creative" Cabal has this belief that there is only one strategy for each and every brand and this is this: "We are cool. In fact we are so cool, we're probably too cool for you."

I don't want a cool car insurance company or a cool bank. I would like Sears to be like an old fashioned Army-Navy store. I could give a rat's ass if they're cool.

Go to Disney World sometime, or even LA but not "that part" of LA. It's filled with people that hipsters mock.


That's America.


KL said...

Next to many target audience descriptions should be a link to

george tannenbaum said...

Not a bad idea, KL.