Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cynical Thursday.

Today I have a meeting with the CEO of the client I work for. I suppose at one time in my career or life, I'd be nervous about this. But I'm not.

The people on my team, of course, are running scared. (I hate the fucking word team. I've been on teams before, teams that worked. In agencies, what most "teams" are is a collection of people out for themselves who are adept at shifting responsibility onto someone else, as in "someone on the team will do it." Almost anyone of them would shiv you with an Xacto if it helped their stature.)

It's bad enough we have to have so many meetings. What's happening in agencies now is that schedule rehearsal meetings, MANDATORY in all caps rehearsal meetings in addition to the usual inundation of non-rehearsal meetings.

Here's why I'm not nervous.

I've done my work.

My work is good.

It reflects how hard I've listened to the client.

I've walked them through every step and every decision over the last six months.

Here's why they are nervous.

They haven't done anything but set up a meeting.


James said...

Dammit, George. You're always articulating experiences I've lived but haven't been able to fully process. It's like having my life explained to me.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You're pissed at "your team" because they would shiv someone with an exacto knife but somehow denouncing them on a public blog doesn't strike you as poor team building practice?