Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Day.

Doubtless, the hordes of Americans who wear shorts and flip-flops through the cold weather and then complain about the cold, will say it.

The people who think it's avant to tattoo their necks will say it.

The people who live far out of the city and then complain that the city is so hard to get to will say it.

But no matter what happens, tomorrow's election will by no means be the most corrupt in American history. No matter what malfeasance and shenanigans party operatives, vote blockers and ballot stuffers visit upon this election, things I believe are relatively chaste these days.

Certainly more chaste than they were 70 years ago when Preston Sturges presented his great political commentary, "The Great McGinty," which, by the way starts with this seminal quotation:
Prologue: "This is the story of two men who met in a banana republic. One of them never did anything dishonest in his life except for one crazy minute. The other never did anything honest in his life except for one crazy minute. They both had to get out of the country." 

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Anonymous said...

God George you're becoming a curmudgeeon in your old age.


Lonnie Smith