Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The future is NOW!!!!!!!

For well-over a decade now we have heard about the one-to-one future. A future in which if I am a left-handed, Republican, scuba-diver who likes vanilla milkshakes and toasted corn muffins I will get communications that speak directly to my preferences.

I have yet to personally experience the one-to-one future. I've yet to get a piece of effective individualized marketing.

However, I've just realized that this sort of communication happens everyday. Targeted communications that speak directly to the consumer--on their terms.

Everyday ad agencies spend countless hours creating work that has an audience of just a few.

We spend, it seems, most of our time creating work that will go no further than our clients' offices.
We shovel on the buzzwords that speak to our clients' obsessions. We speak directly to our clients in language that they--and only they--understand. And no one will ever see this work but them.

This is what our industry has become.

Makers of work for people who have make work jobs.

We create decks.




And other crap that no one but our clients will ever see.

I have seen the future.

And it sucks.

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