Thursday, February 7, 2013

De-Coding, Part 2.

My friend Tore Claesson sent me something from a blog I don't read called "digiday." In it they asked a bunch of people to write a job description of what their job really is, not just the title.

An Editor wrote this about his job:
“I send emails to people telling them what to do. I send those emails after my boss sends me an email telling me to send those people emails telling them what to do. If you think about it, my boss could send those emails directly to those other people, and I could just stay home. But then I’d miss all the meetings where no one listens to each other but just tries to show how smart they are or that they read last Sunday’s Times and that we should copy what they did.”

I wondered what would happen if agency people took up the challenge and wrote descriptions of their job as it really is. 

  • I create decks that bore people
  • I spend days and nights designing decks that bore people
  • I work on ideas that never get produced
  • I sit in endless meetings because so many people are lonely
  • I mend things that other people break
  • I am so busy going to agenda-less meetings that I can't meet with anyone
  • I assign blame

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