Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What's been lost.

Last week I did something I seldom do.


I went to a party.

Worse than that.

A party at a music house.

I had reasons for attending. I have a long-time friend there.

And I have another friend at the music house for whom I'm doing a great deal of after-hours work.

So, I kinda had to go.

This is a big music house.

One of the biggest.

And they'd always had a gleaming and magnificent space.

No more.

They're just as big as ever.

But they no longer need a lot of space.

They no longer have recording studios.

They hardly have accommodations for agency people.

Everything is done "tele."

As in faraway.

There's no connection with the composer and musicians.

There's no real-time interaction.

Of course, there was music playing during the party.

And I realized that it was the first time in about five years that I'd heard music on giant speakers.

Today, we hear things on buds. Or on dime-sized laptop speakers.

We have lost something in the name of speed and efficiency.

We have lost our senses.

We have lost our ability to "feel" the work.

Instead, I believe, we examine things more clinically.

At a distance.

I know the shibboleths of our modern era.

Speed. Efficiency. Inexpensiveness.

We've lost something along the way.


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