Thursday, August 14, 2014

P and L.

I just got an email from a Creative Director friend of mine. A guy who in the words of Ron Burgundy, is "kind of a big deal," at an agency I consider one of the best, if not the best in the world.

He writes, "I spend hour after hour being forced to think about things I never knew existed before. All of a sudden every meeting is about 'P and L.'"

He then went on to supply me with a list of possible meanings for P and L. All of which, to creatives at least, should be more important than 'profit and loss.'

Produce No Losers. 
Please Never Lie.
Pee Near Latrine. 
Post No Lists. 
Pixels Never Leave. 
Prefer New Life. 
Promote Nothing Life-changing. 
Peons Never Laugh. 
Please No Lackeys. 
Producers Need Love. 
Praise Nearest Lefty. 
Poke No Ladies. 
Pastrami Not Lox.
Putzes Never Leave.

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