Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The "Agency Spy" Comment Generator.

Rather than take billable hours out of your day crafting comments on Agency Spy, use the handy guide I've created. You'll communicate the same callow, anonymous vitriol in a fraction of the time.

a) That work sucks.
b) That work is done by a hack.
c) Said hack is the biggest hack the world has ever known.
d) That work is derivative.
e) That’s been done.
f) That agency is going down hill.
g) That agency is dead.
h) That agency sucks a bone.
i) Everyone at that agency is a talentless douchebag
j) Dinosaurs.
k) Washed up hack dinosaur.
l) He’s never done anything good.
m) He’s an ass-kissing brown-nose.
n) He’s an abusive phony.
o) He always fails.
p) Poseur.
q) You suck.
r) You’re a douche.
s) Your mother sucks.
t) And is a douche.
u) You’re a loser for being in advertising.
v) You’re a loser for caring about advertising.
w) You’re a loser.
x) Advertising is dead.
y) You’re dead.
z) Your mother is dead.
A) The writer of this post sucks.
B) The writer of this post sucks dead monkeys.
C) You idiot, your grammar is horrid.
D) Your grammar is horrid and you suck dead monkeys.
E) This has no basis in fact.
F) I’ll tell you what’s really happening.
G) You’re a monkey-sucking douche.
H) Only I know what good is.
I) I could have done it better.
J) This sucks because I didn’t do it.
K) Typical crap by that ass-suck agency.
L) Another agency could have done better.
M) You’re an idiot.
N) Your an idiot.
O) Everyone’s an idiot.
P) Everyone’s an idiot but me.
Q) No, you’re an idiot.
R) You must have just been fired from there.
S) Kiss ass all you want, they still won’t hire you.
T) You must be a creative on that spot.
U) You have a sad, pathetic life.
V) No, you have a sad, pathetic life.
W) Advertising is full of sad, pathetic lives.
X) Get a life.
Y) No, you get a life.
Z) This is no life.

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