Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dick Rich, 1930-2014.

It was reported in "The New York Times" yesterday that Dick Rich died. He was the Rich in Wells Rich Greene. Here's his Times' obituary.

By the time I had entered the industry in the early 1980s, Wells' reputation was already tarnished. But for a few shining years in the 1960s, they were as hot and as good as can be.

Wells Rich Greene opened in 1966 and just two years later had billings of $59 million and were one of the 15 largest agencies on Madison Avenue.

That's a rise.

No one, of course, no one remembers Dick Rich today.

It's like baseball players not knowing Ruth or Dimaggio.

Or even Aaron or Mays.

We eat our young and spit out our old.

Dick Rich wrote one of my favorite commercials. The Alka Seltzer one above.

I'll think about him today as I'm tortured by another day of powerpoint.

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