Monday, December 8, 2014


This is my third attempt to write a post this morning.

The first one--which I began typing on the M15 around 56th Street--I couldn't get my head around.

The second one I started at my desk then lost my train of thought amid serial interruptions.

Now this.

Which also seems to be going nowhere.

Writing, as easily as it often comes for me, is hard.

And some times it doesn't come at all.

Some times your thought processes are as jammed as the Major Deegan in a major rainstorm.

I've got a ton of copy to write this morning.

I was hoping someone would organize it for me. Tie it up and put a bow on it.

No luck.

As Hank Williams used to yodel, "I've been down this road before."

I'll get through this.

But it won't allow me a decent post on top of it all.

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