Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Nobody asked me but….There should be a special place in hell for….

 …..People who make up false deadlines.

.....People who call meetings and then show up late.

….The New York Taxi and Limousine Commission for blaring TV commercials in the back of cabs.

….Political ads.

….Pharmaceutical ads.

….AT&T and their attempt to buy Time-Warner. Let’s take two oligopolies with woeful service and combine them and think things will get better.

….Anyone who says the phrase ‘boots on the ground.’

….The people who decided to not have afternoon games in the World Series. One of the joys of my childhood was sneaking a transistor radio into school and listening to the Cardinals defeat the Red Sox in seven, with Bob Gibson winning three games.

….Timesheet police.

….The people who speechify about the virtues of open plan work spaces.

….And an even crueler place for those who talk about the virtues of open plan from behind their closed office doors.

….People who call meetings at lunch and provide no food.

…Websites that ask you to take a survey.

….Pop-up windows.

....Those 'solve if UR a genius' posts on Linked In and the people who post them.

....Stupid blog posts with nothing to say.

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