Monday, July 9, 2018

Five Minutes with Our CBCO.

AD AGED:       
So you’re a CBCO? That title sounds like a Canadian Bank—how about telling us what it stands for?

CBCO:     Oh, it’s simple really. While my title today is a rarity, it’s only a matter of months or years before every agency has a CBCO.

AD AGED:       CBCO—what is it?

CBCO:             I’m our agency’s Chief Block Chain Officer.

AD AGED:       I see, and how au courant. You can’t swing a dead cat these days without reading something about block chain.

                         But tell me, what is it that Chief Block Chain Officers do?

CBCO:            I apply block chain to every aspect of our business and bring our many global clients the benefits of block chain.

AD AGED:       Please elaborate.

CBCO:            Well, take the typical internal pitch meeting. After we go through strategy and creative and everyone is feeling pretty good about the work, I chime in.

AD AGED:       Yes…

CBCO:              I say, what about block chain?

AD AGED:       And what about it?

CBCO:             That’s the beauty of my job. Since no one understands quite what block chain is, and no one is willing to admit that, the deck is re-written and block chain is incorporated.

AD AGED:       Please give me an example.

CBCO:            Well, take the sentence “Build _________’s leadership in PVHD before the introduction of competitor’s PVHD introductions in Q3.”

AD AGED:       How thoroughly incomprehensible.

CBCO:             But wait, how’s this: “Use block chain to enhance _________’s leadership position in PVHD while accessing block chain capabilities to obviate competitor’s PVHD introductions in Q3.”

AD AGED:       Simply brilliant. Thank you for clarifying.

CBCO:              No. That's the job of our CSBO.

AD AGED:       I don’t understand.

CBCO:            Our Chief Simply Brilliant Officer.


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