Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Five Minutes with our CCIO.

Ad Aged: Good morning. So you’re the CCIO. Tell me what that stands for and tell me what it is you do.

CCIO:       Good evening. Please stand up, there are a lot of chairs here.

Ad Aged: I’m sorry, I’m not following.

CCIO:       That’s good. And that’s my job.
                  I’m a CCIO. A Chief Counter Intuitive Officer.

Ad Aged: I see, so please if you can, tell me what it is you do.

CCIO:       Let me shed some light on the matter. First off, my consistency is my inconsistency.

Ad Aged: Meaning?

CCIO:       Well, say I take a fragment of non-contextual data. From that, I issue a proclamation.

Ad Aged: Example, please.

CCIO:       OK. Let’s say I say, “Millennials don’t trust advertising and don’t have time to watch videos.

Ad Aged: I hear statements like that all the time. Where do you come in?

CCIO:       Ah, that’s where the genius of my position comes in. I’ll follow that with, “so we need to create a video series.”

Ad Aged: But that makes no sense.

CCIO:       Exactly. That’s what I do. I make policy out of two contradictory facts or actions.

                 Here’s another one: people block banner ads, so let’s run more banner ads. Another: Let's put the people who drove the business out of the agency in charge of keeping the business.
Let's put people in charge of advertising who have never done advertising.

Ad Aged: Inscrutable.

CCIO:       Sorry, for that you’ll have to see our CIO.

Ad Aged: CIO?

CCIO:       Chief Inscrutable Officer. He’s sure to have a non-answer for you.


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