Thursday, July 18, 2019

First in an occasional series.

Gobbledegook features actual quotations from actual press-releases
purportedly uttered by actual people.
All in absolutely no-discernible language.

Example One:
“For the last six months, I’ve been doing brand and digital transformation consulting in order to get further upstream with brands and help solve their most complex business problems. What I now see as fact is that brands need partners who boot up business-first and can help them better understand their data and customers. Yes, creativity and experience matter more than ever, but sustainable business growth only happens when intelligent data, tech, and creative solutions work harmoniously together. Art and science are required in equal parts.”

Example Two:
"With this new U.S. leadership team in place, we will bring to our clients what they really need: personalized experiences at scale, to enable them to leapfrog the competition. Clients are feeling pressure from ecommerce platforms, walled gardens and fierce competition from D2C brands.”

Example Three:
"Still, with social media becoming ubiquitous, and consumers seeking more authentic, transparent messaging, luxury brands are strategically ceding control of their marketing content, working with both influencers and regular customers to co-create experiences. They’re also tapping into shoppable media, making it far easier for customers to go from a point of discovery to a point of purchase.

"As an increasing share of luxury purchases moves online, brands are using new forms of content — influencer, UGC, etc. — to engage and convert their audiences directly on platform."

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