Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And then one day he climbed up to the top of a bell-tower with a high-powered rifle and just started shooting...

Dear Clients,

I know some MBA somewhere has powerpointed that we must deliver "experiences" to clients.

But come on.

When your kid is in school, she's there to learn her ABCs.
She's not there to have an "alphabetic experience."

Leave my copy alone.

Or you'll have a negative creative director experience.


Anonymous said...


Back in town and catching up on your posts. "Experiences" didnt come from the minds of MBAs but rather from digital agencies. from my pov, it was in attempt to wrestle control and differentiate from general agencies. One might argue that in 2010, its more about WOodpress plus links and videos than "flash intensive experiences" anyway.



Dave Trott said...

I think it's all about wriggle-room.
If I say I'll teach your daughter her ABCs, and I don't, I failed.
But if I say she'll have an alphabet experience, whether she learns or not, I'm covered.

bob hoffman said...

Advertising used to be 50% ads and 50% bullshit. Now it's 20% ads and 100% bullshit.

How's my math?

george tannenbaum said...

Dave, you're right. And that's really sad.

Bob, perfect.