Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The other day some jerk came over to my desk and showed me this "great, really fun" app on his iPhone. A cartoon character you can punch with your finger and it giggles. Or it can take some words you say and say them back to you in a funny voice.

My daughter called this morning and told me that she has a Whoopee cushion app on her Droid phone.

Such is the transformational technology of our era.

I have nothing against iPhones or Droids. What's gnawing at me isn't my lack of sense of fun or my o'erweening gravitas.

What gets me is the trivialization of almost everything. The news is now the "newsotainment." And fart apps have replaced ideas--as Old Navy's Booty Reader attests.

As usual I'm in a bad mood. And the stupidity of our world, the self-centeredness, our propensity to amuse ourselves to death (160 soldiers killed themselves last year. This does not make the news. It might interfere with our consumption of Hot Pockets and erectile dysfunction drugs.)

It all makes me sad. Mad.


Anonymous said...

I love the fart app on my iPhone. Now I can fart all day in my open office and I claim it's the fart app. I even tell people it comes with three different smells.

bob hoffman said...

Just to cheer you up a little...nothing will interfere with my consumption of erectile dysfunction drugs.