Monday, August 23, 2010

It's arrived.

I worked at Ally & Gargano, nee Carl Ally, although not in its glory days when it was arguably the best agency ever. Last night I got home at 2AM from a harrowing luggage experience and found that the good graces of our postal system had delivered, in my absence, a mammoth book compiled by Amil Gargano of the agency's best work.

No, I am not living the the past Anonymous. I am not slip-sliding into curmudgeon-hood. I am simply admiring great work like a ballplayer might admire Ted Williams' swing or Joe DiMaggio's centerfield prowess.

It is a book that marks an era in advertising. And it features advertising that helped define what advertising is. In subsequent posts I may dive deeper into some of Ally's ad campaigns.

If you love advertising, as I do, its craft and its bullshit, you ought to drop a dime on this tome.

It's not cheap.

But good advertising seldom is.


祁聿雨 said...
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Dave Trott said...

Guess that comment must have been from Ed McCabe huh?

george tannenbaum said...

Naw, it was more Chinese porn.

Todd Heyman said...

George, where did you get it? It's not available yet on Amazon.

george tannenbaum said...

Todd, through Graphis.

george tannenbaum said...