Friday, August 27, 2010

No way out.

Of all the evils caused by holding companies and agency consolidation, the worst is that they prevent you from getting angry.

Here's what I mean.

Not long ago these agencies existed in New York.

Kenyon & Eckhardt.
Bozell Jacobs.
Scali McCabe Sloves.
Ammirati & Puris.
SSCB Lintas.

Six agencies. Now, scraps of those agencies are all rolled into one steaming amalgamation of faceless fecklessness.

Now, if you worked say, at Scali, and you weren't getting good assignments, you had no respect for your boss, or you were just bored you could put some nice slacks on and get a job at, say, Bozell.

No more.

Now if you hate where you are there's nowhere to go.

So we lower our pulses.
Our emotions.
We disengage.
Rather than seizing the day, we just hope to get through it.
There's no place to go.
No way out.


Anonymous said...

Who the fuck would have left Scali to go to Bozell?

george tannenbaum said...

Tru' 'dat, Anonymous. It was merely and example.