Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And now for something completely stupid.

Adweek reports on a Gallup poll that claims that 53% of workers feel they are "paid about right," vs. 43% of workers who say they are "underpaid."

Further the poll reports a "growing satisfaction with one's pay...In 1991, 13 percent of Gallup's respondents said they were "completely satisfied" with the amount they're paid. The figure rose to 23 percent by 1999 and to 31 percent in 2006. It slid back to 26 percent last year before rebounding to 31 percent in the new survey."

According to my "Linked-In" account, I have 556 "colleagues." And I have nearly 500 Facebook "friends." I don't know a single one who is satisfied with her pay or thinks she is paid "about right."

I've often felt that the only thing a Gallup poll is good for is determining whether a horse is cantering, trotting or galloping. And studies like this confirm my prejudice.

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Brian Belefant, DGA said...

Interesting that being overpaid wasn't even offered as an option.

In the course of my career, I've often been overpaid. I'm not now, but I know people who feel they are.

Pass my number along to Gallup and I'll put them in touch.