Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A slight rebellion off of 8th Avenue.

I have been in a shitty mood of late. Let me clarify that. I have been in a shittier mood than usual of late.

Internal politics. Internal client lassitude and pusillanimity. My general mood disorder a bit more disordered than usual.

Things that you normally tolerate with an under the breath curse or a sarcastic statement became intolerable. The printer that never works when you're on a deadline, the person who's never done anything, criticizing your work. People ignoring logic because they didn't think of it.

The daily detritus of agency life began gnawing at my soul more than usual. The Great Whore of Babylon was drinking my blood and bleeding me dry, with seven heads and fourteen fangs and seven forked tongues.

On Tuesday, yesterday, I decided to do something about it.

Of the approximately 7,500 days I have labored for pay in my life, I have been in after 9 on probably 12 of those days. I'd show the mealy-mouthed fuck faces of the world. I'll show 'em.

I had breakfast with a plaintive friend. I didn't look at my watch. Didn't hurry along his tales of woe. Let him talk. We had a second cuppa joe. A third.

I walked slowly to the office. Didn't even try for a cab.

I got in at 9:36. I blew off a 9AM meeting.

It wasn't much.

But it helped.


Anonymous said...


In all candor, you're clearly an extremely bright guy who seems miscast in your current role. Maybe you should be talking to a VC firm or Nadal at MDC. I definitely could see you running your own shop.

As for me, back to Cali this afternoon , through all that snarling UN traffic.



george tannenbaum said...

Teo, the road to oblivion is paved with "extremely bright guy(s)."

Anonymous said...

And sometimes, as with David Droga and others, they succeed beyond their wildest expectations.

Smart plus confidence plus attention to where the market is going.

It can be done.

Not Pollyanna but as Dylan says "Not Dark yet"

Early morning out here. Gotta run.

Fight the good fight.