Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This will change everything.

It started like so much else does in the college dorm room of an elite university. "I was looking for a way to meet people," said the cherubic 19-year-old Rodd Clawson. "I thought,'what behaviors can I capitalize on. Then it hit me. Everyone drinks carbonated drinks.'"

Working day and night, Clawson developed a way to change the "voice" of bubbles in carbonated drinks from saying "pop" to communicating a small message. His first message was "Hi, I'm Rodd. I bought you this drink." That message was repeated with each carbonated bubble in a keg of beer that Clawson bought to develop the technology.

Before long Clawson came up with the concept of "Bubble-tising." Oral advertising messaging contained within the carbonated bubbles of popular drinks.

According to Claude Roddson of the internet site "Bubble Advertising News," "The average American drinks 2.2 carbonated drinks a day. This is a deeply immersive way to reach people. It will change everything."

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Graham Strong said...

Rice Krispies's 80-year monopoly on self-advertising products is over...