Thursday, May 23, 2013


I'm not lazy but everything--in the name of getting easier--has gotten too hard.

I don't really need or care that there are a billion websites. I visit about ten a day and that's enough for me. If you think I'm going to visit yours, you're going to have to knock one of my ten off the list. Because I like my ten.

I also don't care that I have access to a thousand cable channels and 14,000 internet radio stations. I watch about ten stations, and listen to probably five.

As for devices, I have half a dozen and use three. My work computer. My home computer and my phone. Which oddly enough I use for phone calls.

Even when I shop for books, an activity I enjoy doing, I don't go to Barnes & Noble or Amazon. They offer too many choices. I go to a local bookstore where their tastes run in the same direction as mine.

When I go to a Greek coffee shop, one of those places with a twelve-page menu, I wind up ordering either eggs over easy and rye toast or a turkey burger. That's enough choice for me.

I don't even like websites that offer me six or five different places to click. They are to me, obviously the result of trying to cover every angle and be something to everyone.

I'm not everyone.

I've actively, purposefully limited the number of choices I avail myself of.

At a certain point, going through all the potential choices in the world is just too much work.

And I have enough work at work.

I think advertising is suffering also from the dilemma of choice.

Presentations now include every media known to modern man.

Because we have all those media I guess we feel like we have to use them all.

I'm sure that's not right.

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Tore Claesson said...

Hey, you've got to multitask, five devices at once, 403 channels of info per minute. If not you're a dino. Lay down, give up and except defeat. You don't get it. it's all about super fragmentation. Other than that I'm sorry you had to give in to catchpas.