Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mistakes happen.

There's a story in today's "Times" about one of my favorite places on the planet, Katz's Deli. When people say Katz's pastrami is "to die for," they mean it literally and figuratively. It will kill you. But it might be worth it.

In any event there's a bit in the article about the sign you see above.

The story goes that the sign painter asked Katz's owner what he wanted on the sign. The owner said, ‘Katz’s Deli. That’s all.’” The sign arrived with those four words on it, and has been in the front window ever since.

Sometimes the mistakes we make, or the mistakes or misinterpretations others make, improve and perfect. As the sign painter's error did for Katz's.

Sometimes it's our job as creative people to see and embrace the wonderful accidents that make work that would otherwise be merely functional, special.


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