Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Apocalypse later.

If you’ve been in the business a long time, or spun around the sun a few score, or if you read a lot of history, you come to realize that there’s never a shortage of Apocalypse.

We’ve lived through gas shortages.
Sugar shortages.
Chocolate shortages.
There were even, late last year, rumors of a bacon shortage.

But there’s never a shortage of Apocalyptic thinking.

There’s a Boom in Doom.

Whether you think about it from a macro or micro pov, we pretty much go through life with the fear of something impending that’s just about to happen.

When I grew up it was the H Bomb. Or communist takeover.

Now it’s our seas no longer being able to sustain life, our planet warming and the looming Sixth Extinction.

At work, we’re apocalyptic about this deadline. Or that client meeting. Or losing the business altogether if you can’t hatch a viral video in 30 minutes.

Life happens.

Accounts walk.

Snail darters die.

Jobs even get lost.

Nevertheless, we go on.

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