Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Yes country for old men.

It's rare to see grey hair in an agency these days.

It is the mark of Cain.

Or the Scarlet Letter.

You can shoot a cannon down a hallway at lunchtime and not hit anyone over forty.

No one likes to talk about this.

Least of all the people it affects.

But I've noticed something.

At seven in the morning, when I usually get in, there are sometimes a couple of other people around. Like me, they're usually halfway immersed in a cup of java and fully immersed in their keyboard.

Like me, they're over 50.

One of the greatest assets in our industry--or almost any pursuit for that matter, is filtering out the noise, blather and crap that bounces off the walls and ceiling tiles. It's the ability to focus. It's the ability to do. To get shit done. Good shit.

Get in. Do the job. Go home.

It's like a good relief pitcher.

He might only throw 11 pitches a game but he gets you out of a jam.

It's the concentration of energy, experience and talent.

I think us old guys are making a comeback.

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