Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Have a Nice Day.

It's 6:47 in the morning and I'm in a yellow taxi on my way to work. Assuming there's no traffic, which there usually isn't at this hour, I should arrive at the hallowed halls about ten past seven.

I must say, as I woke myself around 5:30, a half hour before my alarm was meant to ring, I wish I could have stayed in bed. First of all, I'm tired. Second of all, I'm really tired.

But 'Dig We Must.'

Shit needs to get done, and whatever the vagaries of my freelance world, I have to do it.

I know I have a tendency to run to martyrhood, but that said, I don't really mind getting to work before everyone else.

I feel like an old fisherman who stakes his schooner's claim in the Grand Banks and fills his hold with cod before his rivals arrive. That's me and the clanging of a bell buoy out in the misty distance. I'm getting it done while you're asleep.

A freelance friend told me when I left my previous place, "never say no to a gig. Make it work somehow." I'm trying, right now, to do that without too many extenuating circumstances.

I'm streaming downtown as I scribble this, using an internet connection through my cell phone. I've just passed 72nd Street and will be in in ten minutes.

As they say, Have a Nice Day.

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