Saturday, January 3, 2015


We are squeezing every last drop of Caribbean sun out of the sky.

And yes, just like they advertise, every day has been sunny and perfect.

The sea has been warm and big.

The flowers are blooming.

The people smiling and helpful.

I had planned almost two-weeks down here and got just four days.

No one planned on Hector.

But four days are better than no days.

And I feel somewhat refreshed. Relaxed even.

Today's our last day, we endure a long airborne ordeal starting with a ferry to St. Vincent's at seven tomorrow.

Back to New York.

Back to work.

Back to a new year.

If I had to make resolutions about 2015, I would make these:

1. Take better care of myself.
2. Not get upset at the petty--at home, at work, with the kids.
3. Save more money.
4. Be nicer.
5. Rag less.

That's it for now.

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