Monday, January 26, 2015


The biggest snow storm since the last Ice Age is expected to hit New York starting this afternoon and a bunch of us are flying out early--earlier than we had planned--to make a client meeting some thousand miles from here.

We're due to fly back to LaGuardia on Tuesday night, but surely we will be delayed until Wednesday or maybe even Thursday. In any event, I've packed four days of clothing for an overnight trip and, as usual, I'm expecting the worst.

If it were up to me, which of course it's not, I'd have opted for a "web ex" meeting rather than an in-person one. That seems to make sense given the two-feet of snow that is expected to choke the tri-state area. You can probably tell, I'm less than excited about this.

I'm a freelancer, however, and I don't get a vote.

So I'm packed.

I'm ready.

I'm caffeinated.

And off we go.

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