Tuesday, March 3, 2015

30 stars under 30.

If you read magazines as I do, you realize that absent news coverage, there's not a lot of ingenuity in their editorial content.

Just about every woman's magazine has an article every month entitled "The secret words that will get him." And "20 tummy trimmers."

The same is true for men's magazines. Pick one up, any one, and you'll find "The secret words that will get her." And "20 tummy trimmers."

When it comes to the advertising trade press, one of their fall-back types of articles is "40 stars under 40." Sometimes in a burst of creativity they'll come forth with "30 stars under 30." Or if things are crazy and the managing editor is on a bender, they might even come out with "35 stars under 35."

Whew! Holy Pulitzer Batman!

I tell you what I'd like to see: "50 people I'd like in the room two days before a pitch." "Twelve creative directors who can talk intelligently to CEOs."

And "100 cliches I'll never spout again."

Those would be worth reading.

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