Thursday, March 19, 2015

A word about Doyle.

When the workmen arrived at my apartment a bit over a week ago, my wife and I vacated the premises in a flurry. I barely grabbed enough clothing and toiletries to last a week. In fact, I left behind Doyle's diary which I had been excerpting in this space.

Last night, though I got home late again, I dropped by my under-construction apartment to check on its progress and to rescue Doyle's diary from the dust. I have it now, in hand, and will be posting about it again, soon. For now, let me just express relief that the over-100-year-old book is once again in my possession and I intend to keep it, henceforth, at my side.

That said, look for a Doyle post either later today if I get a break, or tomorrow, if I don't.

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