Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Nobody asked me but...

...Does it seem to you there are more people recruiting Creatives than there are Creatives?

...I can't remember the last time I saw the print edition of Adweek or Ad Age.

...I don't want a stand-up desk, but I would like a lie-down one.

...I never gave a rat's-ass what color the dress was.

...I love the latest freeze-frame pre-roll work for Geico by the Martin Agency.

...Baseball season can't come soon enough.

...When you're exceedingly busy it's usually because you're spending more time saying how busy you are rather than working.

...I miss when agencies had pencils with their name on them.

...I think every open-plan agency should have a designated door on a hinge--because sometimes you just need to slam.

...With apologies to my cardiologist, corned-beef and pastrami should not be lean.

...Very little is grosser than three-week-old snow in New York City.

...I'd like to have a beer with Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

...And I'd like to punch Antonin Scalia.

...If Bill Bernbach were alive today, he'd wish he were dead.

...95% of agency life could be improved if briefs were better and signed by the client.

...I'm tired of manifestos.

...Pompous and manifesto are more often than not, synonymous.

...Conference calls, timesheets, open-plan offices, phone trees and hold music. These are the great monuments to our generation.

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