Friday, March 6, 2015

The opera.

That's James Levine in center, with the nimbus of hair.
I went to the opera last night at the Met.

Man-o-man, they can put on a show.

I've seen a lot of operas in my day. Including one at La Scala in Milan, perhaps the epicenter of the art form. I've seen opera in Rome, Verona, Paris, Aukland, Sydney and of course, New York.

Maybe someday I'll get to see Wagner in Bayreuth.

But last night I was in snowy New York seeing Offenbach's "Tales of Hoffman."

I had seen, I guess about five years ago, the Powell and Pressburger version from 1952 starring Moira Shearer. But last night was the Met in all its sparkling glory with the orchestra led by James Levine.

When I was young in the business I had a partner who was very accomplished and about 20 years older than I. We were about to shoot some spots and one night, about a week before we were to shoot, I was leaving the office in a tuxedo.

I asked him where he was going, and he told me, 'the opera.'

I guess I did what people do.

I rolled my eyes.

He noticed and said to me, 'If you want to see great production values, you go to the opera.'

I've remembered that for a long time.

Always thinking whenever I'm on set, 'How would they do it at the Met.'

I've never seen any real parallels but I think my art director was right anyway.

Like I said.

They can really put on a show.

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